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At MCE Aero we are proud to offer services to our clients in a variety of disciplines of aerospace engineering.

Our in-depth knowledge and accumulative experience of over 40 years in aircraft design, research & development, rapid prototyping, and certification guarantee satisfactory results, delivered on time.

With the best contacts to suppliers, manufactures and our partners in engineering, we welcome you to sit together with us and discuss your project.

Structural Testing.jpg

Some of our services include:

- Design of Composite & Sheet Metal Structures

- Design of Aircraft Systems (Hydraulics, HVAC, Flight

  Controls, Fuel, Pressurization, and more)

- Structural Analysis

- Structural Testing

- Systems Integration

- Aircraft Layout

- STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates)

- FAR 23 Certification

- Icing Testing / Certification

- Project Management

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