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Mission Equipment

We offer a vast variety of services to our clients and want to be your choice for structural-, & systems design, aircraft layout, systems integration, modifications, certification, icing, structural testing, program management.


 Structural Testing



Conceptual Design

Aircraft Layout

Our commitment at MCE Aero is to take our client's vision and to materialize ideas from start to finish with state of the art engineering and design.

It is our philosophy to serve clients with outstanding customer service and expertise in all disciplines of aeronautical engineering.

MCE Aero is based in Bend, OR, but our clients are international. Our flexible team of industry experts are available to work on solutions wherever our clients need us to be.

Aircraft Interior


Experimental Aircraft


Flight Controls

MCE Aero specializes in composite aircraft design and certification - we partner with engineering offices around the world to guarantee comprehensive engineering services at impeccable standards, including safety, cost efficiency and precision quality.



Aircraft Design


Rapid Prototyping

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